About the benefits of MLytic® technology

The newest generation of our electrolytic capacitors features a range of distinctive features, which all have one sole objective: the most authentic music performance possible. The basic requirement for achieving this goal is the minimisation of unwanted losses [ESR] and inductances [ESL] that occur in the capacitor and affect the signal.

To this end, we have given careful consideration to even the smallest details and have scruntinised and radically reconsidered all existing solutions. You will find the results of our extensive developments below.

The black cathode: The use of special titanium-coated cathode foil has brought about metrologically impressive and tonally spectacular benefits. The matte black polished vacuum-deposited titanium layer thereby substitutes the usual aluminium oxide layer and this then works as an insulator [dielectric] between the aluminium contact foil and the electrolyte, thus forming a second capacitor that negatively influences the overall performance within the capacitor. In this way, the black cathode stops the electrolyte acting simultaneously as a cathode [negative Pin] towards the anode foil and as an anode [positive Pin] towards the aluminium contact foil.

MUNDORF electrolytic capacitors with black cathodes feature a real cothode foil! This enables extremely fast and almost lossless ion movements, reducting the ESR, distortions and noises it produces itself to an absolute minimum. The positive effects are comparable to when modified electrolytes are used, which are produced for example with the addition of graphite, although the effects of the former are more pronounced. The result is a holographic music playback with a wide and deep on-stage representation and a completely stable focus.

High purity anode foil: Utmost precision during the manufacture and use of high purity materials guarantees a homogeneous etch pattern, as well as a crystalline aluminium oxide layer. Due to this Al2O3 layer being the dielectric of the capacitor, it is this balance and precision that also characterises the tone quality of the whole capacitor.

Abaca-esparto paper: The introduction of esparto grass [aka alfa grass] and abaca [also known as Manila hemp or musa textilis] into the capacitor paper simultaneously ensures a high mechanical stability and an expremely soft, open structure. The high internal damping of this special paper has a mechanically-appeasing effect on the capacitor and gives the music playback a high degree of neutrality.

Electrolytes: For capacitors up to 100VDC we only use GBL [also known as butyro-1,4-lactone or gamma-butyrolactone], for higher electrical strengths, however, MEG [also known as ethane-1,2-diol or ethylene glycol] is used. The use of this high purity electrolyte, which is chloride-free and largely free from water, considerably improves the long-term stability and thereby also the lifecycle. These electrolytes also feature a low viscosity [that is, a high flow], which has a positive effect on the electrical conductivity. This results in a fast and precise music playback.

Strong together: Thanks to its large surface area, the open structure of abaca-esparto paper possesses an outstanding electrolyte absorption capacity and in combination with its good formability and the outstanding flow of the used electrolytes, guarantees the best possible cantact between the electrolyte and the titanium-coated cathode foil. Together, they form the highly-efficient negative Pin of the electrolytic capacitor and ensure the smallest possible physical dimensions and optimal performance.

The renouncement of steel: From now on, steel attachments are a thing of the past at MUNDORF! The use of steel as a material for attachments [worldwide standard for snap-ins] brings about a number of disadvantages. Amongst other things, steel attachmentscause unwanted eddy currents as a result of their magnetisability, possess a poor electrical conductivity [σ25°C 6.2MS/m = 10.7%IACS = 160mω*mm2/m] and a low thermal conductivity [λ25°C 50W/(m*K)]. Furthermore, the high elasticity [200 GPa]and rigidity [7 Mogs] of the steel snap-in claw fasteners put permanent pressure on the soldered joints, which can impair their joining quality.

Highly-conductive contacts: Alongside the familiar, solid aluminium screw terminals [σ25°C 36.5MS/m = 63% IACS = 27.5mω*mm2/m · λ25°C 235W/(m*K)] for the highest currents, all MLytics® with the most compact design possible possess tin-plated copper attachments [σ25°C 58.0MS/m = 100% IACS = 17.2mω*mm2/m λ25°C 400W/(m*K) 120 GPA 3 Mohs]. In order to establish the best possible elecrtical connection between the individual components, all contacts are welded together.

All of the remarkable technologies mentioned above come together with the new MLytic® series to bring about the least losses and maximum high fidelity. Capacitors with MLytic® technology:
the best MUNDORF electrolytic capacitors of all time!