About the advantage of induction-free SUPREME winding technology

The special design of our capacitor foil makes it possible to fit together two capacitor windings, wound in opposite directions, in such a way that the inductivity of the individual winding is increased! Both windings are connected in series, which therefore means that for the manufacture of a 1 µF MCap® SUPREME, two conventional models windings of 2 µF each would be required - in total, therefore, 4 µF of material would need to be processed.

This demanding production process requires a huge amount of care in production, mostly manual, as well as subsequent quality control measures. Production costs and an increase in the material used are nevertheless absolutely justified by the audible results.

Thic capacitor mobilises such unbelievable reserves in your sound system that it is justified to speak of a new dimension of music reproduction. Be it the resolution, dynamic or tone of the music signal, SUPREME impresses with its natural liveliness and tonal coherence like no conventional capacitor can. And it is not only for use with extremely expensive hi-fi components.

Use of the capacitor in cheaper design concepts is, however, a good idea and often incredibly effective.

Thorough quality controls before, during and after the costly manufacture of MCap® SUPREME ensure the user extremely low tolerance values and an exceptionally high long-term stability. The lowest tolerances that are used in the right and left signal path are the decisive basis for stereophonic-spatial music reproduction that is extremely close to the original. The exact localizability of musicians and a corresponding spatial imaging is only possible if the properties of the left and right canal are almost identical.

In order to eliminate microphonic effect, which can lead to an alienation of the music signal, the MCap® SUPREME capacitor is in addition mechanically stabilised in a special process.