About the advantages of our innovative EVOLUTION winding technology

The main feature of the EVOLUTION winding technology comes with its unusual narrow but high capacitor reel. This geometry results in two, acoustically clearly perceptible benefits in comparison to traditional, easier to produce capacitors. Firstly, a shorter but utmost little loss signal path between huge contact areas is granted, thus an extreme low equivalent series resistance/ESR. Secondly, in order to meet capacitance the number of paralleled windings is larger than with regular caps, thus an effectively minimized equivalent series inductivity/ESL.

The launch for this special winding technology took already place in the year 2005 with the MCap® RXF (Radial eXtra Flat). Labelled as MCap® EVO professional this line is being continued for industrial PA- and HiFi manufacturers. In order to ease the employment of this extraordinary winding technology for HighEnd audio manufacturers and ambitious hobbyists, we will introduce three new axial MCap® EVO series and, shortly.

After the utmost precise winding process, these reels are spilled by hand in especially developed housings. By that, vibrations and microphonic effects on the reel are most effective avoided. Furthermore, we only employ purest Polypropylene foil vaporized with the thickest metal layer possible.

Altogether, the new MCap® EVO‘s, special features lead to colorful livelihood, remarkable micro dynamic alongside enhanced transparency, authenticity and 3 dimensional stereophony. As the direct successor of the RXF, the MCap® EVO marks the surprisingly inexpensive entry into the audiophile MCap® EVO line-up.

The MCap® EVO Oil combines the described sound characteristic in a perfect way with the acoustical advantages of oil impregnated capacitors. Furthermore, its additional wrapping as well as its imprint in red-metallic impart an appropriate quality look and haptic.

The top-of-the-line MCap® EVO SilverGold.Oil series unites the audible features of a SilverGold metallization with those of an Oil impregnation to a breathtakingly beautiful music performance. The beauty of the MCap® EVO SilverGold.Oil’s music performance is only surpassed by Mundorf's top-line SUPREME.