Up on request we custom-make Audio Capacitors for OEM clients.

From 50 to 144pcs only (depending on series and capacitance) we are able to vary our standard capacitor range. For example custom-made capacitances, custom printings or individual wire-leads.

Furthermore we still make MKT Polyester Film Capacitors with 250VDC (ovally pressed) or 160VDC (tubular) and our MCap EVO radial x-tra flat (RXF) available to manufacturers.

As a medium-sized enterprise with great vertical integration, Mundorf is able to combine most of its production technologies with each other. Thus we could for example realize MCap RXF Oil, MCap EVO SilverGold, MCap SUPREME Oil, MCap SUPREME Silver, capacitors with gold-plated OFC wire leads or even SilverGold-Wires and so much more.

We are looking forward to receive your individual inquiry.